7 Years of Camera Shake

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After experiencing unexplained tremors in his left arm David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2009, aged 40 years old.

The disease hasn’t stopped David, or even slowed him down, instead he has responded by achieving some of his greatest work. As David says “Parkinson’s has galvanised me to be alive. Disability is a hindrance and with Parkinson’s I will lose function. So I have made the choice to grab life by the horns and shake the life out of it. I don’t have the luxury of waiting”.

Until very recently David chose to keep his diagnosis of Parkinson’s private. He explains “I want my photographs to stand alone as world class shots, not pretty good shots for someone with Parkinson’s”.

David has now chosen to speak publicly about his diagnosis in the hope that he will inspire others with the disease and help raise funds for the Parkinson’s UK charity. Parkinson’s UK works to provide better care, treatment and quality of life for people with Parkinson’s and fund research to ensure new and better treatments in years, rather than decades. David has supported Parkinson’s UK as a Peer Support Mentor since 2015 and is now supporting them as a spokesperson. He will soon be talking about his life as a wildlife photographer with Parkinson’s on BBC’s The One Show and representing Parkinson’s UK on TV and radio during Parkinson’s Awareness Week (18th to 24th April).

7 Years of Camera Shake

On 18th April the book crowdfunding website www.unbound.co.uk will launch a campaign to fund a glossy coffee table style book featuring 200-250 of David’s best and favourite images taken in the seven years since his diagnosis.

David’s motivation for 7 Years of Camera Shake is a desire to not only showcase his stunning wildlife images and raise money for Parkinson’s UK (who are receiving 50% of the profits) but to motivate people to realise that disability doesn’t have to be the end, that life can still be lived to the full and incredible things achieved.

To support David, pledge to buy a copy of his book and other rewards including signed prints, photographic tutoring and UK and overseas wildlife safaris visit www.unbound.co.uk.