David has enjoyed a long-term passion for badgers and is actively involved in badger research and conservation. He has guided 100s of private and group tours and guided and advised television crews, making documentaries and news features.

Badgers are probably the UK’s most iconic and easily recognised mammals, yet, due to their shy and nocturnal habits, most people have either never seen a live badger or at best just get a glimpse in the headlights down a country lane.

Badger Photography

These are unique 1-to-1 sessions lasting over 6 hours for photographers using Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras.
You will learn all about manual flash control as well as setting up and triggering multiple flash units. It is also essential to cover fieldcraft when dealing with badgers in order to maximise your chances of getting the shot.

Finally, you will set-up, wait and, hopefully, run your own shoot around a sett. You will not be taking hundreds of shots on this event; the aim is to take 10, maybe less, really good ones. You will learn a huge amount about photography as well as about badgers.

Dates are by mutual arrangement and are week nights only.

Payment must be made in advance to make a booking. If you do not wish to use PAYPAL, please email and payment can be made by cheque.

Badger photography £255

(1 to 1 session)


Private badger watching for up to four people (over 12 years old) £185

(1 to 1 session)


Badger watching can be a spectacular experience. However, they are sensitive animals and I would like to stress that due to their sometimes fickle nature sightings are not guaranteed. Having led over 100 badger watching events, the success rate has been 100% on all watches. As you can probably appreciate the chance of seeing badgers is very high on these events and I take every precaution to maximise the chances of seeing these spectacular mammals.

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Payment: Paypal or online transfer to be made at time of booking.

Enquiries: please email info@davidplummerimages.co.uk