Just made it in time to this trailcam monitoring Kingfisher set-up 2! I had to take my wellies off though as the water was just too deep, so I thought I would dry off quicker than my boots.  I didn’t account for how bitterly cold the water was though.

The water levels are now elevated once again after a good couple of weeks drying off.  The ground is saturated again.  More trudging about in mud.


Yesterday, it was good to see Marcellus, one of the little owls, sitting proudly in broad daylight on a fence post – glaring at me, as they do.

Also, the buzzard bait has gone, so the aforementioned rescued trailcam will go to that site tomorrow.

The New Blog

Little Owl Athene noctua

Little Owl Athene noctua

Well, it has been a long time coming, mainly due to heavy workload, but here it is – the new blog.

This blog will certainly be no literary genius; it is merely intended to update people on the day-to-day sightings, events etc of a wildlife photographer, based in Sussex, but who is lucky enough to travel a lot.

Due to the travel, there will be large gaps, unless I can work out how to update from my smartphone, which ideally I would like to do, so I can update while sitting in a hide or from the Maasai Mara. Anyway, I hope to keep it short, to-the- point, and importantly, interesting!

So, having just returned from Africa on Monday, I got to work straight away, for the upcoming season, with projects on the Knepp Wildlands www.kneppsafaris.co.uk , which is already booking up fast.  The main focus initially is to get the kingfisher hide and little owl hides as active as possible.

As soon as I arrived at the little owl site, Agrippa (I name project owls after Roman generals), was already on a branch watching me.  A good sign already that they are becoming increasingly active with the close breeding season. However, due to the excessive rain and variable water levels, the kingfisher site looked disheveled and needs work!!  The kingfishers, at their active stage can be seen from last season on this link 

So, keeping it brief, there it is – the start.  Posts in future will update you on these comings and goings, the activities of the likes of Agrippa, whether the kingfishers respond, etc.  I hope you enjoy.