Course description

This is a strictly 1-to-1 off-road photographic safari from a 4×4. We shall focus mainly on fallow and red deer, but roe will also be a possibility.

The Knepp Wildland at 3,500 acres, is the largest privately owned re-wilding project in lowland Europe and the wildlife is nothing short of incredible. It has the added advantage of being slap bang in the middle of south-east England. We shall have exclusive access to this area.

An interesting point is that that the fallow deer on the Knepp Wildland project have prize-winning antlers, considered some of the largest in the world.

Full photographic tuition is given throughout, as well as fieldcraft, and deer natural history.

Camera equipment

A minimum focal length lens of 300mm is required for this course but a longer focal length is even better.

Animal behaviour may vary based on local conditions and weather and no guarantees are possible for shots you may wish.


Payment: Paypal or online transfer to be made at time of booking.

Enquiries: please email

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