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In the autumn fungi abounds here with spectacular examples possible including the Fly Agaric and Waxcap. However, a rare species is not necessary to produce a beautiful image and on this course we get down low and dirty to place these lovely organisms in their context as an essential part of the eco-system.   We may try to capture abstract images, portraits or habitat shots putting the fungi in its woodland context.

It takes a while to get your eye in but when you do it is not uncommon to spend hours within just a few square metres as the woodland floor reveals more and more, allowing endless possibilities of composition.   Fortunately, fungi does not fly away or run away and is even more or less immune to wind movement, as such they make excellent subjects to practice exposure and depth-of-field.

Venue: Scrag Copse

7 November 2019

£80 per person half-day course

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