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Moths are trapped the previous night and the following morning placed on suitable backgrounds or perches to photograph naturally. Hopefully we can catch some brightly coloured specimens but also other more ingeniously camouflaged insects make for fantastic images. Macro lens or extension tubes are useful but a longer zoom, 300mm or so, may suffice. Time is also spent pursuing the dragonflies around the lake and wet meadow – darters and migrant hawkers are very likely. We shall also, hopefully, spend time shooting woodland butterflies such as white admiral and silver-washed fritillary.

A tutorial on exposure, exposure compensation and controlling the background is given at the beginning of this workshop. This is an excellent day to attend following any of the ‘beginner’s workshops’ .

Species may vary due to conditions and no species is guaranteed.


Woods Mill, Henfield

Course dates: TBA

Cost: £85.00

Payment: Paypal, Credit Card or by cheque payable to David Plummer to be made at time of booking.
Please post to: 8 Orchard Close, Small Dole, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9YA

Booking: email or phone 07957 484 737 or 01273 494 753 to book your place.

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