What type of camera equipment do I need?
You will need a digital SLR camera.
Each course will have a specific requirement for lens and other accessories. These are listed on each course page.

Do I need to be an advanced photographer?
Some courses are specifically for beginners and other are more specialised for those with intermediate to advanced skills.
I would strongly recommend that any beginner or photographer with rusty skills attends one of my beginner’s courses before attending a specialist course. A strong foundation of knowledge will ensure that a specialist course will then be far more enjoyable and productive.

Can you guarantee that I will be able to photograph a particular species?
All possible steps are taken to maximise a photographer’s chances of photographing a particular species and my track record of achieving this is very high. However, you will be photographing wildlife and so nothing can be guaranteed.
If a particular species changes behaviour and is no longer readily available to photograph, I will change locations or cancel a photography course.

How many people attend a course?
The number of students varies from course to course. All attendee numbers are appropriate to each specific caused to ensure that all students gain a high level of 1:1 tuition. Attendee numbers are detailed on each course page.

How can I pay?
Payment can be made online using all major debit and credit cards and PayPal.

What are your pricing and booking terms and conditions?

  • All prices are per person. Students cannot be accompanied by friends or dependents.
  • Booking is available online.
  • Cancellation at any time after booking will result in a 30% cancellation charge. No refunds are available within 30 days of a course commencement date.
  • Refunds are not available due to the non-attendance of species or inclement weather, as neither of these can be guaranteed against.

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