Course description

On this workshop we use bait-and-perch techniques to get stunning portraits of notoriously shy small woodland birds. Nuthatches, goldfinches, great tits, blue tits, chaffinches and marsh tits are regulars and full-frame images of woodpeckers are ‘almost’ certain. The workshop starts with a discussion on bird behaviour and how we manipulate that to suit our needs. Fundamentals such as exposure and camera settings are also covered. As well as using the main hide, there is access to smaller woodpecker and goldfinch hides.

“To photograph a great spotted woodpecker from a few metres was an incredible experience and one I’d happily recommend to anyone”

Will Cheung – Editor, Photography Monthly


Small Dole

Camera equipment

A minimum focal length lens of 300mm is required; a longer focal length is even better. A tripod is also essential for this workshop. For SLR users only; this workshop is NOT suitable for hybrid cameras. Species and bird behaviour may vary based on conditions and guarantees of shots cannot be given.

Maximum number of attendees: four people


Course dates

Price: £155 per person

5 March 2020

£155 per person

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7 March 2020

£155 per person

terms and conditions

Exclusive days of one-to-one or one-to-two tuition in woodland bird photography

(Date by mutual arrangement)

1 Person £345

weekdays only

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2 People £495

weekdays only

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Lens Hire

500 mm Nikon and Canon lenses are available for hire including tripod at £85 per event please e-mail to book

Payment: Paypal or online transfer to be made at time of booking.

Enquiries: please email