This beautiful bird of prey can be photographed from the buzzard hide on the Knepp re-wilding project. It is a hide discipline hide but can be hugely rewarding when this magnificent raptor tears at prey in front of you.

A lens of 400 mm or above (based on a full frame camera) and a tripod is required for this hide.

Please note, this is not a garden bird feeder setup and consequently you may have to wait some time to get your subject and there are obviously no guarantees with wildlife, but this is constantly monitored by trailcam and if there are any interruptions in success of this hide you will be informed beforehand.

This is a two-person hide and once you start you have the hide to yourself for the whole day. Available dates by mutual arrangement.

Price per day is £125 per person

Buzzard Hide Hire £125 per person

Email: to arrange a date and ‘click to buy’

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Hiring Hides and Supervised Hide Sessions Terms and Conditions