Kingfisher Hide

This tried and tested hide is hugely popular, which is not surprising for such an iconic, beautiful and dynamic bird prized by wildlife photographers.

Your distance from camera to Kingfisher perch is approximately 2-4 m, although this is adjustable, and the perches can be changed after each visit by Kingfisher. On occasion kingfishers have landed within a meter of the hide and on one occasion a bird was in front of the hide utilising various perches for an unbroken 88 minutes, in fact the only thing that broke his visit was another kingfisher!

Generally, this hide is for perching kingfisher shots with a clean even-toned background. The active ‘whacking’ fish shot is also very common.

This hide is not for diving kingfishers, although this can be arranged if requested and the photographer has the equipment. Equipment for the diving shot including 3 flash units, infra-red trigger beam and the 5 tripods used, can be rented separately, however, this shot can only be taught as an exclusive 1-to-1 day.

You will need a lens of around 400 to 500 mm for this subject, although a 300 mm could be sufficient on a crop-frame sensor.

You have two options for hiring the hide:

1. Exclusive hire – for up to two people on a mutually agreeable date when you will have the hide all to yourself – £195 for one person, £320 for two people. Please be aware, you will not be supervised during these days.

2. Supervised tuition days – when I will instruct and supervise your session fully on a 1-to-1 or -to-2 basis. £290pp or £420 for two people.

Due to high volume of bookings, please e-mail to check available dates prior to buying

Please read

Hiring Hides and Supervised Hide Sessions Terms and Conditions

Venue Knepp Wildlands, West Sussex

Exclusive hire dates

Exclusive date hire: £195 for one person

Exclusive date hire: £320 for two people


Supervised tuition days

1-to-1 basis £290

1-to-2 basis £420

Kingfisher Gift Voucher

Kingfisher Gift Voucher £290