Luckily this beautiful small owl species is very happy perching in good light and close to a hide. Although the hide is situated in a working farm environment it has meant the owls are less shy of disturbance and all evening sessions in 2015 resulted in a 100% success rate throughout the season. Despite this success, good hide discipline is required.

Little owls are more active diurnally between April and September and evening sessions are more productive, starting around 4pm (this time may vary).

“I spent a wonderful afternoon with David photographing Little Owls. An experience I would highly recommend. A very professional set up with great photos available if you take David’s advice and practice good hide etiquette. I am over the moon with my photos”

David Harris

A lens of at least 400mm is required for this hide.

You have two choices hiring the hide:

1. Private Unsupervised hire – a mutually agreeable date when you will have the hide all to yourself for up to 2 photographers at a time.

The cost is:

  • £125 per person for April, August & September
  • £210 per person for May, June & July.

Please be aware, you will not be supervised during these days.

2. Supervised tuition days – when I will instruct and supervise your session fully on a 1-to-1 or -to-2 basis. £290pp or £420 for 2 people. During these sessions, supervised customers will get perched shots, in-flight shots, and barn window shots.

Please read

Hiring Hides and Supervised Hide Sessions Terms and Conditions

Knepp Wildlands, West Sussex

Exclusive hire

Private date hire: £125 per person April, August & September

Private date hire: £210 per person May, June & July


Supervised tuition days

Price is £290 per day

Email to arrange a date and ‘click to buy’ below
Please be aware that this will involve prolonged periods sitting in a hide – it is certainly not a bird that can be photographed in 15 minutes.

£290 per day

1 to 2 £420 per day

Little Owl Gift Voucher £290