The tawny owl is Britain’s commonest owl, yet possibly the most elusive and difficult to photograph, being an owl of woodland and nocturnal in its habits.
However, David Plummer, has used his experience with owls, and especially with tawny owls, to create two separate hides on the Knepp Rewilding project. So far these hides have a 100% success rate with photographers.

These hides are high discipline hides, requiring absolute silence and minimal movement as well as operating in the dark.

The tawny owl hides are plug-in hides, where you will be guided as to the settings to put into your camera, and then connected wirelessly, using third-party triggers, to the flash system. When the bird lands in front of you, you simply press the button.

This is not a high frame rate hide, the bird visits two or three times in fairly quick succession just after dusk. Normally you will fire around 10 to 15 frames, however, hopefully these are great frames of an elusive wild tawny owl.

As there are now two hides for two separate owl territories, if you wish to do this as a couple, you will each be in separate hides as only one person per hide is practical; you cannot have multiple cameras shooting such an elusive bird.

These are evening sessions and your time in the hide is fairly short being a mere 90 min or so. During the shoot, your camera will be locked on the tripod directed at one single perch; you will not be able to pan and shoot at multiple perches.

You will need at least a 400 mm lens, a tripod, and preferably a cable release. Knowledge of how to operate your camera controls in darkness would be advantageous.
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Knepp Wildlands, West Sussex

Tawny Owl Hide Hire

Tawny Owl Hide £185
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Lens Hire

500 mm Nikon and Canon lenses are available for hire including tripod at £85 per event please e-mail to book

Bookings taken all year

Dates available are by mutual arrangement. Please e-mail David Plummer for availability.